Five For Friday – Networking

Being a good networker is essential in pursuing your career as a working actor


  1. Remember, networking is not about asking for a favor, it’s about creating relationships. The quickest way to have people turn and walk away is instantly asking for a favor before you get to know them. Reach out and meet people because you are in the same industry and you have common interests and goals.
  2. Have something to offer! When pursuing a relationship with someone in the industry make sure that you don’t show up empty-handed.  Have a great reel to give them, or an independent project you just finished… or offer them something they might like.  For instance, tickets to a show or to a sporting event or concert, or recommendations to a good restaurant.
  3. Go out to industry events as much as possibleand take names. It IS who you know.  Get out there and meet people.  It can be intimating at first, but once you do it for a period of time, you’ll really end up enjoying it.
  4. Use Social Media. Industry professionals are on all the different Apps from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, etc.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to these people on these apps.  Again, reach out in a friendly manner and don’t instantly ask for a favor.  A few kind words and a compliment goes a long way.
  5. Follow Up! Once you start meeting people in the industry, create a database and follow up with them.  Relationships in the industry take time and you have to stay in touch.  Perhaps let them know when you have booked something, or when you are doing a show.  Sometimes it’s nice to just say something supportive and nice on one of the social media apps.
Thanks so much for sharing!