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Acting Classes at The Actor's Lab in Los Angeles, California

Cher Ferreyra teaches her Santa Barbara Master Classes on Wednesday nights, and also teaches at our Los Angeles studio on Tuesday nights. In addition to Scene Study and Cold Reading class, each actor is put on a business plan (targeting agents, targeting casting directors, networking, creating projects, et cetera).

Cher Ferreyra, Acting Coach at The Actor's Lab in Los Angeles, California

Master Classes with Cher Ferreyra – Cher has been a member of The Actor’s Lab since 1999. Her first major breakthrough in Hollywood was being cast as Loca, one half of the tag team Caged Heat for the WOW – Women of Wrestling television show. She is perhaps best known as Fern Delgado on the CW series, Veronica Mars. She has done stage work for the likes of Chico’s Angels and AmerWrecka (both nationally and internationally). Recent television guest appearances include Southland, Weeds, Shameless, The Mentalist, and The Game.

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Schedule & Tuition

Adult Scene Study and Cold Reading
Level: Master Class
Wednesday: 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Instructor: Cher Ferreyra
Tuition: $225 a month

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Private Sessions With J.D. Lewis:

Session Type Rate
Zoom Sessions $125/hour
Career Guidance
Business Plan
$500/four sessions

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