Five for Friday – Keeping Your Vibe Up


  1. Surround yourself with positive people with a great outlook that make you feel successful when you are around them. Avoid spending time with the people that bitch and complain about how things aren’t working for them.  They are preaching a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Being around like-minded, positive people helps you keep your vibe up.
  2. Work on keeping your Vibe up every day. Go to the ‘gym of your positive attitude’.  Find a routine or ritual that you do daily that keeps you in the right frame of mind, whether journaling, affirmations, meditation, prayer, reading empowering books, etc.
  3. Find your artistic tribe. Find an acting studio to work out at, where they support and encourage you… and push you to your full potential.  Having an artistic family to check in with every week is so important.  Make sure that you find a studio that has a positive, pro-active Vibe.
  4. Take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Eat right, exercise, get into the habit of positive self-talk.  It all starts with diet.  What you put in your body is the reaction you will have to the day.  Keep moving your body… and be your own best emotional manager!  Pursuing a career in the entertainment business is exciting and challenging and you need to approach it firing on all cylinders.
  5. Always visualize a positive outcome and see yourself becoming the success you know you can be. It all starts with believing in yourself.  Make sure that you are constantly being your own best cheerleader.  You don’t need to know specifically how it’s all going to unfold right at this moment, just visualize the outcome and take the steps to make it happen each day.  Remember it starts with small steps and belief!!

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Thanks so much for sharing!