5 For Friday | 01•15•2021

5 for Friday | Targeting Agents

  1. Before you begin targeting agents, make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row. To start, have a great, professional headshot (that looks like you!). Do your research and find a reputable headshot photographer. Your picture is your calling card. Also have a professional resume with credits. Finally, build a reel that highlights your best work (no longer than a minute to a minute and a half). Getting tape and a great reel is an ongoing activity. Super helpful to also have some professional credits that are listed on IMDB. https://www.imdb.com Solid work from independent projects are important and can help you land an agent as well.
  1. Don’t target every agent in town. Do your research and pick perhaps 5 talent agencies that you can really focus on. Limiting your scope helps you concentrate on knowing who you are actually targeting; the agents, their assistants, and the front desk / receptionist. You should be clear about who and why you are targeting these particular agents.
  2. Target agents that are reputable. Anyone can hang up a shingle and say they are an agent. But established agents are the ones with relationships with casting directors, networks and studios. If you are just starting out, set your sights on a good ‘boutique’ agency; a smaller agency that develops new talent. And again, do your research. Check out the agency, the agents and their client list on IMDB. Also, ask friends and industry professionals to suggest agents that are legit and well respected. Here’s a good article on the topic » 
  3. Target agents the way they like to be targeted. Visit their websites, often they will have new talent submission information. I am a believer in still targeting agents by mail, though most now target through email. And be consistent and persistent. Don’t hound them but let them know you are a professional, you are staying on it and you have something to offer. Reach out to them about every 3 or 4 weeks to follow up with your submission, including anything you are currently doing acting-wise.
  4. Referrals are key! Once you have established your list of talent agencies that you want to target, ask everyone you know if anyone has a friend at that particular agency or perhaps someone they may know that might be a client at that agency. A personal introduction goes a long way!

Finally: Visualize, on a regular basis, getting the agent that you really desire. One that you can have a good professional relationship with, who believes in you and works hard for you.

Thanks so much for sharing!