5 For Friday | 01•09•2021

5 for Friday | 5 Tips for the Working Actor

1. The Thinking of Success – I have been an acting coach working with successful working actors for 31 years. One thing I know to be true is that successful actors have one thing in common. They believe themselves into being working actors and feel they deserve to be part of the entertainment industry. A belief system is cultivated by hard work. Find a consistent way to work on your personal belief system. Some tools to consider: Affirmations, journaling, hypnotherapy, consistent positive self-talk, visualization, reading empowering books and blogs, etc. Think of it as going to the gym for your mind and building strong self-worth. Consistently see yourself as a working actor.

2. Investment of Time and Money – Becoming a working actor is a huge commitment. It takes training, marketing tools, networking skills, creativity, and a huge passion. All of this requires time and money. I suggest you set your life up in a way that you can support your endeavors. Many actors have flexible schedules so that they are able to attend auditions or tape auditions during the day. Acting class and marketing materials can be a big expense, so budget accordingly. There are many creative ways to make a living. Figure out a way that works for you.

3. Fall in Love with Acting – Fall in love with the craft and business of acting. The road to success as a working actor is not necessarily an easy one. Loving what you do is essential. Remind yourself on a regular basis the reasons why you chose to pursue a career as an actor. Fuel your passion. Cultivate a strong work ethic and work hard at this thing you love. Be disciplined and pursue your career daily. And have a game plan. Define where you are headed and keep moving forward.

4. Work as an Actor Whenever You Can – Act all the time! Practice makes perfect. Be in class and work consistently. Take every opportunity to either be in front of a camera or on a stage, whether it be a play or screenplay reading, student film, graduate project, independent film, YouTube video, etc. You become a better actor by acting!

5. Take Risks – The life of a working actor requires taking RISK. There is no way around it. The business of acting can be intimidating at times. And obviously taking risks in your acting itself can take guts. I suggest making risk your friend and getting used to it. Take risks often so they become part of your life. Turning the thinking of taking risks from fear to excitement. If you frame the idea of risk differently, you will approach it differently. In the pursuit of your acting career take risk!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!