Five Tips For Finding Good Training


1. Research reputable coaches and studios. Anyone can hang a shingle up and claim to teach acting. Check IMDb and also ask for industry referrals. You can always reach out to agents and managers over the phone and ask their opinions. Google acting coaches and studios to make sure they are legit.

2. Interview the studio. It’s where you will be spending your time and money. Choose a studio where there are working actors training there. It’s important to surround yourself with other working actors who are serious in the pursuit of the craft.

3. Make sure they have a ‘tried and true’ approach to the craft. Learning a craft of acting is essential. It’s an approach to the work that you can apply to all of your professional work. Find an approach to the craft that resonates with you, as different methodologies suit different people.

4. Make sure that the studio also teaches the business approach to acting. Many studios avoid the business side of things. It’s really important that you are also pursuing getting work. The real training comes from getting out and working!

5. Make sure that wherever you study, it’s not a factory. At The Actor’s Lab we limited our classes to 20 people, so that each actor works every class. Also, don’t buy into the idea that you learn as much from watching acting, as you do performing. It’s just not true! And finally, fine a coach that pushes you and is also nurturing and supportive.

Thanks so much for sharing!