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The Actor’s Lab, Artist Weekend … Renew, Reinvent, Reconnect

The Actor's Lab Artist Weekend Group Photo

Are you really living the life you were meant to live? Are you ready to rediscover your purpose? We invite you to spend an energizing weekend of self-discovery and enlightenment in one of our serene locations throughout the country.

Founder of The Actor’s Lab, J.D. Lewis collaborated with his talented crew to develop a series of powerful, fun exercises designed to help you transform thoughts, to actions, to ultimate success! Trained instructors will engage you, support you, and challenge you to rediscover the immense power that is yours.

The Actor's Lab Artist Weekend Group Photo

Our Summer 2017 Venue: Mountain Light Sanctuary in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains Hidden deep in Pisgah National Forest, Mountain Light Sanctuary is a gateway between the human world of “busy” and “doing” and the natural world of harmony and “being.” Read More »

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Dates Venue Tuition Reservations
Friday, August 4th
Sunday, August 6th
Mountain Light

Includes food
and lodging.

$195.00 Deposit

Limited availability,
so reserve a spot now.

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It’s time for your annual check-up. No—not the medical one—the reality one! Here’s what people are saying about this amazing weekend!

“This is by far, the most powerful, life altering weekend I have ever experienced. I wish everyone on Earth could do this weekend!”
Cher Ferreyra
Actress – Veronica Mars
“If you do nothing else for the rest of the year… Do this weekend! It is the single most mind-blowing experience I have ever had! It really is amazing to reconnect with yourself and your life. Wow!”
Kristina Haddad
Environmentalist – Environment Now
“Thanks for ruining the bad part of my life.”
Alicia Smith
“What does an artist say about the Artists Weekend? Well, if you want to challenge yourself to find out who you really are and where you really want to go, then this weekend of challenges is just what you need to get that recharge!”
John Ford
“The easiest way to describe The Artist Weekend is to say it changed my life. I created goals for myself that I previously thought were unobtainable, in which were met because of my Artist Weekend mentality. It’s not just a weekend of greatness, it’s also what you take home to create a life full of greatness.”
Amy Lesneski
“J.D. Lewis is the Guru for getting you motivated. We laughed, we danced, we sang, we cried, we soared! He sets your dreams in motion… A life changing weekend!!”
Shannon Reis
Casting Director
“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this weekend, but JD has created a magnificent environment for renewal, healing and encouragement. The location was welcoming and peaceful. JD I loved every second of The Artist Weekend! JD’s dedication, creativity, zany teaching style coupled with his uncanny ability to connect with his students and vision made for a great time! I came back absolutely on fire. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.”
Armie Hicks
“It’s a weekend of motivation, creativity and positive energy. To connect with other actors & artists for a weekend of reflection & goal setting in the mountains was a really unique and refreshing experience. Two of the best & most memorable experiences of my life are connected to The Artist Weekend.”
Alex Phipps
Actor – Brockmire
“The Artist Weekend was the moment of impact when things seemed impossible became POSSIBLE; the experience changed and will stay in my life forever…Thank you JD!”
Jee An
Actress – MasterMinds
“The Artist Weekend: raw, real, support and love filled weekend. You are able to open up yourself and your mind to refocus, set life changing goals and connect with like-minded artist.”
Ebony McKenzie