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The Actor’s Lab is One of the Top Acting Schools in America

One of the Top Acting Schools in America – The Actor’s Lab is known for training actors, writers, and directors in Hollywood and across the nation. Some of the most recognized names in television and film have trained at The Actor’s Lab, fine-tuning both their craft and their career strategy.

Establishing the The Actor’s Lab in 1990, Actor/Director, J.D. Lewis branched out from his Los Angeles origins, and opened two additional studios; one in Portland, Oregon and another in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The Actor's Lab Locations

Charlotte, North Carolina
The Actor's Lab - Charlotte, North Carolina
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Los Angeles, CA
Portland, OR


“Studying with J.D. Lewis in a business with no guarantees is one guaranteed way to better auditions, performances and getting a real shot at a career.”
Joel Thurm, Casting Director
“If you are lucky enough to get into this class, you have a real shot at learning the craft from a master.”
Tom Hahn, VP of Talent / Head of Casting TriStar/Columbia Pictures
“It's no secret that he is one of the most sought-after coaches in this business. Not only is he a brilliant teacher, he is also a man who cares and is making a difference in the world. If you get the chance to work with him, it will most definitely change your life!”
LuAnne Bernier, Owner and Agent at Monarch Talent
“I am a big fan of J.D. Lewis. He's a great acting coach who knows his stuff. I recommend him highly.”
Marc Routh, Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer
“J.D. Lewis is one of the top acting coaches in Los Angeles. If you get the opportunity to work with him, do it! He's a master of the craft and also teaches the business of acting. This school is a must for the working actor.”
Jackie Burch, Casting Director
“If you have the chance to study with J.D. Lewis, it will change the course of your career.”
Gary Dontzig, Executive Producer of “Suddenly Susan” and “Murphy Brown”
“He is the guru of acting coaches in this town. Studying with J.D. Lewis, you’ll be most certainly on the road to success.”
David Kirkpatrick, President of Paramount Pictures

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