The Actor’s Lab is One of the Top Acting Schools in America

One of the Top Acting Schools in America – The Actor’s Lab is known for coaching actors, writers, and directors in Hollywood and across the nation. Some of the most recognized names in television and film have trained with J.D. Lewis at The Actor’s Lab, fine-tuning both their craft and their career strategy.

Establishing the The Actor’s Lab in 1990, Actor/Director, J.D. Lewis branched out from his Los Angeles origins, and opened three additional studios; one in Santa Barbara, California, one in Portland, Oregon and another in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The Actor's Lab Locations

Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Actor’s Lab is now interviewing for Master Classes – Register Today!

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Charlotte, North Carolina
Acting Classes in Charlotte, North Carolina
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Santa Barbara, California
Acting Classes in Santa Barbara, California
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Portland, Oregon
Acting Classes in Portland, Oregon
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